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Gone are the days when lipsticks were the only makeup product for lip-beauty. Now almost every makeup kit has lip balms and lip glosses. But lip tints and stains have created some serious buzz in the cosmetic arena. It is not wrong to say now the main question is lip tint vs lipstick.  You can know everything about lip tints, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm here.

Since we already know everything about lipsticks and lip glosses. So, we will touch those points of lipstick and lip glosses that help us in comparison of lipstick vs lip tint vs lip stains vs lip balm.


Lipsticks are the conventional makeup product that imparts beautiful colors and protection to the lips. It is made of waxes, Vaseline, oils, and other chemicals. They essentially did not have a moisturizing purpose. Usually, lipsticks come in liquid and semi-solid forms.

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Lip Gloss

Lip gloss as the name suggests is primarily for giving the lips shiny and a glossy appearance instantly. They impart relatively thicker texture. If we compare it to the lipsticks, lip glosses have shiny finish. Lip glosses also come off easily.

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Lip balm vs chipstick

Lip Balm/ChapStick

Lip balm is also called Lip salve. Unlike lipstick, the primary purpose of lip balm is to provide moisture and nutrients to the lips. It is more of a lip care product than a makeup product. The use of lip balm is good for cracked lips due to dehydration. It is also good for cold sores.


  • Keep the lips moisturized
  • Turn lip soft and plump
  • Saves from UV Sun rays
  • Saves from weathering effects

Lip balm vs Chapstick

ChapStick is one of the many brads of lip balms in the market. Chapstick brand is owned by GlaxoSmithKline company. It is one of the oldest brand in the lip balm niche. It thus falls into the category of balm products.

The name chapstick comes from its ability to heal chapped lips. It also claims to save from sunburns. So, lip balm and chapsticks are the same products.

Which is better lip balm or chapstick?

Since chapstick is a brand name lip balm. So this question is essentially which is the best brand for lip balm. Or simply which is best lip balm. I would say when are buying a lip balm look at the ingredients, price and the brand value. Since Chapstick is one of the oldest and trusted brand, so it is better than some of the less known brands. But high-end brands give it tough competition.

lip paints for lips

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Lip Paint

Lip paints are in a way hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss. They combine the best properties of lipstick and lip glosses. They are very shiny as well as stay moist.


  • Luster like lip glosses
  • Give a fresh Moist look
  • They last longer than lipsticks
  • Have a lot of color variety


  • Some lip paints bleed away
  • You cannot eat while wearing lip paints

lipstick vs liptint

Lip Tints

Lip tint imparts a light and subtle hue to the lips but it does so by leaving a stain on the lips that last relatively longer. It originated from Korea and soon after took over the whole cosmetic industry. Many celebrities are wearing lip tints now. That’s why people are more interested are often Lip tint that are Korean.

The best thing about lip tint is that it can create natural looks and gradient color. Usually, the color is rich at the center and fades as we move outwards.

What is the difference between lip tint vs lipstick?

Lipstick and lip tint differ in many ways from their composition to colorization and application. Lipstick and its sister products lip glosses are largely a mixture of oil, waxes, pigments, and some chemicals. They come in a plethora of colors.

While lip tint is mostly a liquid or gel-based highly pigmented cosmetics. The liquid or gel turns into vapors leaving the pigment on the lips. Due to their pigment-rich properties, a little application of lip tint does the job. Thus it lasts several months as compared to lipsticks. Lip tints usually have color options limited to rose, orange, and brown color only.

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Advantages of Lip Tints over lipsticks:

  • Gives subtle natural colors
  • It can last a whole day after application
  • Does not leave mark on glasses
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It gives gradient color
  • Lip tents are trendy

Disadvantages of Lip Tints

  • Usually have a drying effect on lips
  • Can result in chapped lips
  • Removing lip tints is not easy as compared to lipsticks
  • Fewer Color options as compared to lipstick.

Tip for Lip Tint User

If you are using lip tints regularly, it is better to use lip balm regularly so that your lips don’t crack and chap.

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Popular Kinds of Lips Tints?

Owing to the growing popularity of lip tints, many varieties of lip tints have come into the market. If you are confused about which lip tint to try. Here is a comprehensive guide.

Lip tint gradient look

Liquid lip tints for Gradient Look

Liquid lip tints are extremely popular due to their best result. But applying lip tint to get the best gradient result can be tricky. But if you follow our tips, you can easily get a gradient-style look through liquid lip tints. Here are the simple steps to apply liquid lip tint to get a natural gradient look.

  • First moisturize your lips by applying lip balm (at least 15-minutes before)
  • Moisturized lips avoid quick drying away of lip tints
  • First apply on your lower lip and swipe towards the inner edges
  • Now hold your lips tight for a while
  • Now again apply the lip tint and press your lips again
  • For more glow apply three layers
  • You will notice a cool gradient look has appeared
  • You can use soft moist tissue to clean some areas
  • You can also use concealer to get a gradient look

Peel of lip tints

Peel-off Lip Tints:

It is a very unique type of lip tint. It is popular because it can last more than 12-hours and it imparts a quality stain on the lips as compared to other types.

How to Apply Peel-off Lip Tint?

  • Put a profound layer of lip-tint on your lips
  • Wear it for some 10-minutes
  • It will set like a plastic layer
  • Now you can take away the layer by peel off
  • You will be amazed by the profound juicy stains

Tint Sticks

Tint sticks are now also available in traditional lipstick forms. These lip tints don’t have drying-off problems like others. Thanks to their rich moisturizing components. Despite having a moisturizing effect, they don’t lose their ability to last longer.

So they have three added advantages. First, they come in conventional stick form that most women are used to. They don’t have dehydrating problems. Third, they also last longer.

Matte Lip Tints

Seeing the immense popularity of matte lipsticks, lip tint cosmetics also decided to give their version of matte lip tints. And I have to admit, they have been very successful as it is very light and natural.

Matte lips also don’t have any anti-moisturizing side effects on lips. They give a very premium finish if applied correctly.

How to get different looks with lip tint?

Lip tint was initially popular owing to its gradient look. But it is not just a limited gradient style only. Here we give you some practical steps to attain various looks with lip tints.

Lipstick vs lip tint full coverage

Diffused Lips

To get a diffused lip look, you need to use it lightly and evenly on the central areas of lips leaving the edge untouched. Now hold your lips tight for a while and see the magical diffused look in the mirror.

Full Coverage

For the full coverage, it is better to have an outline first. Once you have an outline, then you can even fill the whole area.

How to remove lip tints?

If you have olive oil at your home. This is the best way to remove lip stains. Sprinkle a few drops of olive oil on your lips and scrub your lips lightly with a cloth. This way you can easily remove lip tint.

If you don’t have olive oil, you can use lip balm to remove lip tints. First, apply some lip balm on your lips through your lips. Now you can slowly rub with your hand or with a toothbrush, after a few minutes, you can scrub your lips with a damp towel or tissue paper.

Lip Stains VS Lip Tints

Both items essentially work in a similar way. That is applying stains on lips. But here is the main difference.

Lip stains as the name suggests are used to stain the lips that leave imprints on the lip tissues. They cannot be fixed or smudge easily. Some Korean Brands also name lip stains as lip tattoos. These lip stains last longer usually a whole day.

Whereas lip tints are sheer and can smudge easily. You can remove lip tints easily as compared to lip stains.

If you are thinking to switch to lip tints, you better try a Korean lip tint. They are much better and cheaper. 

Final Thought

So the final verdict is that each cosmetic has its own use. Lip balms are the best to keep lips soft, moisturized and protected from harsh environ. Lipsticks will remain evergreen no matter lip tints might take them for a while. Lip tints are best if you want natural and lasting color with lovely gradient. We hope our guide was helpful in deciding lip tint vs lipstick or lip balm vs chapstick.

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Which is better lip balm or lip gloss?

Lip balm and lip glosses are different products. Lip balm is a lip care product that can keep your lips moisturized, save them from the sun and winter effects. While lip gloss is to give lips shiny color. It is a makeup product.

1-Can you apply lip balm before lipstick?

No, you should not apply lip balm before lipstick as it will make lipstick go away easily.

2-Can you put lip balm over lipstick?

Yes, you can apply there is no harm in it. It is even better for matte lipstick as to apply it evenly. But sometime excess application can result in bleeding or smearing of lipstick.

3-Do lip tints have side effects?

Most lip tints have drying effects on your lips. Therefore, it is recommended to use lip balms regularly with lip tints.

4-Are lip tints long-lasting?

Yes, lip tints are long-lasting as compared to lipsticks. They can last 12-hours to a whole day.

5-Do lip tints expire?

Yes, lip tints expire mostly in 1-year period. You should better check the expiry date while purchasing and using lip tints.

6-Can you still use expired lip tint?

No, don’t use expired lip tints. It can cause health complications as lips are the most sensitive body parts.

7-What are lip tints for dry lips?

Tint Stick doesn’t have a drying effect on your lips. So tint lips are good for dry lips.

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