Makeup Essentials: Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners on a Budget

basick makeup kit all in one

Building an affordable makeup kit in 2021 that includes makeup essentials is an overwhelming task. But when you are in luck, you land upon best ready-made list prepared by an expert.

Just skim through our guide on basic makeup kits for beginners on a budget. I promise you will end up having a full makeup kit list and a lot of tips. Let’s first make up a list of essential items that should be in your kit.

Beginners Basic Makeup Kit Items List:

An affordable makeup kit cannot have every luxury product in it. Some products are absolutely essential. Some are good to have while others are just a luxury. So you should wisely choose where to invest and where to save.

I have kept this in mind while preparing the list. Once you have these items in your bag, then you can slowly expand your kit to include other luxury products. So here is the list of products that the best starter basic makeup kit would contain:

  • 1- Moisturizer    2- Primer
  • 3- Foundation   4- Concealer
  • 5- Contour         6- Bronzer
  • 7- Blushes         8- Highlight
  • 9- Eyeshadow   10- Mascara
  • 11- Eyeliner       12- Eyebrow product
  • 13- Lipsticks     14- Compact
  • 15- Brushes/ Sponges

This is a basic makeup list for beginners on a budget. So, I have tried my best to include makeup essentials and exclude unimportant and luxury items.

When building a starter makeup kit on a budget, there are two options:

  • Buy a full kit with all essential items
  • Build a kit by hand-picking each product

Now you might be thinking about which option to go for. Well, both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Full Makeup Kit with Makeup Essentials

This option is the best for people who don’t have much time to hunt each product one by one. Or those who want a complete package of makeup essentials. Further, you can easily find an on-budget full makeup kit list with makeup essentials. Here are some pros and cons of this.

Makeup kit list


  • 1- Discounted Prices
  • 2- Time Saving
  • 3- Designers Build
  • 3- Includes fancy kit


  • 1- You have little choice over items
  • 2- Includes some non-essential items

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Custom-build Basic Makeup Kit

 This option is good for people who already have some know-how of makeup items and have some products. Similarly, some people are so sensitive that they want everything of their choice. Personally, I would prefer to build my first full makeup kit list with hand-picked items.


  • 1- Choice of a brand
  • 2- Hand-picked items for skin type and tone
  • 3- Budget Choice


  • 1- Little Concession
  • 2- Lot of time

Since now you have the whole picture in your mind, let’s dive deep into each product.

makeup essentials for beginners

1- Moisturizer

While many experts will not include a moisturizer on a budget makeup list for beginners. But without a quality moisturizer in your kit, no makeup can give a hundred percent result.

The moisturizers keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. In short, moisturizer provides the real foundation through its nutritional ingredients. I think every makeup essentials budget kit should have a moisturizer.

Moisturizer Tip:

Always look at the ingredients of moisturizers when purchasing. If it includes skin-repairing constituents like humectants, occlusive and barrier-repairing compounds a go for it. Further, apply moisturizer at night when you go to bed for best results. I personally recommend  Regenerist Micro Sculpting cream.

For more amazing products you can check this page.


The second item in our makeup essentials list is primer. No basic makeup kit is complete without a face primer. If you want your makeup to stay all day, primer is a must. Further, it is very helpful for seamless application of foundation as it levels pore and wrinkles.

Primer Tip:

If you want your makeup to stay intact all day, do a little dusting with finishing powder over primer and then apply foundation.

3-Preparing the Base 

makeup essentials for beginners foundation

Now let’s deal with the foundational makeup. Often it is the base that decides the final makeup look. Many newbies do heavy foundation and then complain about the final look.

So here is a pro tip, first decide about the final look and then apply a foundation accordingly.

Two most common foundations:

  • Foundation
  • BB Cream

We suggest every makeup essentials list should have both foundation and BB cream in the kit.


Basic makeup Kit Armani Luminous foundation

It usually comes in bottles as a liquid. There are many types available from light foundation to heavy foundation. Likewise, you have dewy and matte finish options.

Foundation Tip:

 Here is a tip for newbies. You should go for heavy coverage if you fear breaking. But for regular skin, a light foundation works great.

You can aslo check best on-budget foundations here

BB Cream

Basic Makeup kit BB cream

BB in BB cream stands for blemish balm. Though many alternatives to BB Cream like CC cream etc. are available. But BB cream is still in the makeup essentials for beginners.

BB Cream is particularly suitable for a lighter base and dewy finish. It imparts glow and brightness to your skin. During hot weather, BB cream always gives better results than a full foundation.

You can check amzing BB cream for beginners and pros here.


Basick makeup kit concealer

Makeup essentials for beginners must have a concealer. Concealer conceals your dark eye bags, pimples, and irregular color tones of your skin. You can apply it on foundation or wear it without foundation. It depends on your skin type and tone. With a good layering of concealer, your skin becomes


Concealer Tip:

As a beginner on a budget, you should go for a liquid concealer. It is can conceal dark circles, pimples, and blemishes.

We have a list of affordable and high-end concealers. Clicke here to check


Many beginners find it difficult to work with contouring. But contouring is an important makeup technique. You can achieve contouring through your foundation or BB cream and concealer. Therefore, no need to purchase a separate product for contouring.

If you are totally new to contouring, I would suggest watching a few YouTube tutorials. Especially if you like to wear a “Kardashian” style makeup look.


Another item in the makeup essentials list is Bronzer. Bronzer does the magic when it comes to accentuating certain areas of your face. For instance, if you want to highlight your jawline or cheekbones, Bronzer does the job.

Here are a few tips when applying Bronzer. Begin from your forehead, then start rounding on the sides of your face to cheekbones. First, apply light shades, then add intensity until you get the desired result.

Bronzer Tip:

If you are confused about colors, it always helps to have a Bronzer palette. If the Bronzer is dark, don’t apply it straight away. Because dark Bronzer is difficult to blend.


Basic makeup kit blush

Every makeup essentials list for beginners must have a blush. After the bronzer, your skin is ready to blush. It gives you those rosy cheeks back that everybody loves. But blush is not just about rosy cheeks, you can try many different colors to find what works best for you.

Although it is not good to experiment on important occasions but during casual days it is a hell of fun. These days blush pallets are not that much expensive and are packed with many multiples colors to choose from.

Blush Tip:

Blush is available in gel, powder, and cream formula. Gel blush is the most versatile and lasts long. It is suitable for every skin type tone.

Tip for Sweaty Skin:

If you sweat a lot best blush for you is cheek stain. It will stay long on your skin as well as delivers a good glow.

You can check here an amazing collection of blush for every budget.

8- Highlighters

Basic Makeup kit highlighter

Another item in the makeup essentials list is Highlighter. If you ask me what is the most critical part of makeup, my answer will be a highlighter. But it is not just critical but also the most fun part. It can do magic.

With the highlighter, you can accentuate and glow any part of the face for enhancing beauty. The highlighter comes in various colors.

Highlighters Tip: 

Here is a pro tip for choosing the best highlighter. Pick the color that matches your skin type and color. Usually, it is better to pick natural colors.

If you want to pcik a quality highlighter, please check our cool list

Tip for Dry Skin: 

If you have dry skin, you should go for liquid highlighters. The liquid highlighter also comes in many colors.

9- Eyeshadow

Basic makeup kit eyeshadow pallete

Eyes are the most romantic parts of the makeup. But for beginners, it can be a slightly difficult part too. Because you can do a lot with eyeshadows. You can do the most elegant eyeshadows as well as end up with the weirdest results.

Buying Tip:

Buy eyeshadows carefully as some brands sell cheap class chalk-like eyeshadows. Always purchase genuine pigment-based eyeshadows.

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Mascara is a must-have product in every full makeup kit list. It imparts a tinge to your eyelashes color. A good mascara must be in every beginner’s makeup kit. It can make your eyelashes appear big and beautiful. While applying mascara your brush selection plays a key role. So

first think how much mascara you want to apply and then spick a brush accordingly.

Newbies often complain that their mascara quickly dries away. Here is a tip for beginners to avoid this. Never push your mascara to a new tube or don’t do anything that air enters the tube. Because it speeds up the drying process.

Buying Tip: 

No matter how costly mascaras you purchase, we have found that quality is almost the same. So you can always go for an affordable and save some amount for other sensitive items.


Eyeliner makes its way to every makeup essentials list for beginners. Whether it is for starters or for professionals. Eyeliners are also essential for giving your eyes a beautiful shape. Eyeliners are very inexpensive products. So if you are building a comprehensive beginner kit, a set of cool eyeliner is a must-have.

Buying Tip:

Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof and stays intact all day. Also, check whether eyeliner has a smudge and sharpener or not.


Eyebrow colors are another makeup essential for a beginner. You have a plethora of options to choose from. You can pick pencils or eye gels. Usually black color does not provide the best result. I personally recommend using dark brown colors to get the best results.

Buying Tip: 

Eye gels are suitable for wide or full brows. Further, they can keep eyebrows in place and shape. Eye pencils are good for selective and precise applications.

13- Lipstick or Lip gloss 

basic makeup kit lipstcik

It is always great to wear colors on your beautiful lips. It has been in the basic makeup kit for many generations. And it seems will be in the future.

But lipsticks might have some side effects. Some can make your lips dry. So look carefully while purchasing any matte formula. While glossy and buttery lipstick doesn’t have a drying effect on your lips.

Here at amazingproductpro we have finest collection of lipsticks and lip glosses.

14- Compact

Basic Makeup kit finishing powder

While some women ignore compact these days. But I think compact is a must-have item in every affordable makeup kit. The compact is also called press powder. It is best to give touch and twitches to your makeup when you want to give a fresh look to your makeup.

Buying Tip: If you have oily skin, you must keep compact in your basic makeup kit. Similarly, if you want to retouch makeup at any time. You should keep it with yourself.

Here you can find some of the most versatile finishing powders

15- Brushes/ Sponges

makeup essentials brushes

 An on-budget full makeup kit list must contain brushes and sponges. Therefore, the beginner’s makeup kit is no exception. Starters might never be able to perfect makeup results without these tools.

Similarly, sponges are also an essential makeup item for a basic makeup kit to a full makeup kit list.

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Final Words:

Makeup is all about choosing the best products according to your skin type and tone. We have made a comprehensive but basic makeup list for beginners and gave you the best tips. You might think some products should not have been on the list or some should have been. But this list is prepared for beginners on a budget in mind. So we had to include essentials items and leave unimportant products.

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